Barebarics - Barefoot Socks - Low-cut - White

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The Barebarics Low-cut white ankle barefoot socks are versatile for everyday stylish wear and promote healthy footwear. They are made from soft materials with a high cotton content. The shape of the socks allows plenty of space for your toes. The ankle area features a soft and raised tongue-shaped cuff. Experience the smooth texture, flexibility, and freedom of movement while walking.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating based on 43 reviews

4.98 of 5 stars


Jason Verified customer

Good pair of socks but definitely pricey, I can buy 5 offbrand pairs with the same price without a widened toe knit, but the quality of the materials is excellent and the extra toe space feels right. The extra heel bit is also quite welcome



Wendy Verified customer

Comfortable socks, happy with them. Delivery arrived quickly! :)



Eileen Verified customer

I saw these anatomically correct Be Lenka Barebarics socks on a minimalist footwear site called Anya’s Reviews after listening to a podcast with Anya and a movement specialist, Petra Fisher. Anya has a wonderful site, but they were out of stock. I ordered them directly from Be Lenka in size 35-38 to fit my US 6 1/2 woman shoe size. They arrived 3 days later-great service! I couldn’t be happier with these socks!! They are the softest, most comfortable socks I have worn in years and I will be buying more!!I have developed bunions on both of my feet, which I now know was preventable, so I am working hard to restore more function to my feet. I have transitioned into minimalist walking/athletic shoes, and these wonderful socks are the missing piece! The toes are tapered for the right and left toes-INCREDIBLE difference, especially when your feet are aching and you never would suspect those tight “arch supporting” toe-smashing big name socks are a contributing factor. Those tight socks are a root (literally) cause for foot problems for all ages, infants and upward. I show my Be Lenka Barebarics to anyone I know would be interested and they have never seen such amazing design (proper design) in socks, because it doesn’t exist here in the US. Even my little dysfunctional feet are incredibly functional when you consider what they have to do each day. Anya, Petra, Belenka and others are doing a huge service in their efforts to restore normal foot function or keep it from getting dysfunctional in the first place. Did I tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Belenka Barebarics socks?


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! A great deal of passion goes into the design of our Be Lenka products, the choice of materials, and the quality of the workmanship. Delivering a well-fitting, high-quality products is our top priority. We manufacture shoes and socks that perfectly copy the anatomy of a human foot. We are especially proud of our wide toe-box design, which offer plenty of space for your toes to wiggle freely. So, thank you again for choosing our product, and we hope to have the pleasure of serving you in the future. Team Be Lenka


De Schauwer Verified customer

Prima sokken voor in sneakers. Zakken niet weg in de schoen!



Ashley Verified customer

I absolutely love these socks and will continue to buy from this company for all my sock needs. Socks are super comfortable and don’t make my feet sweaty.


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Description & Specifications

Material: 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, 2% elastane

Barebarics barefoot socks have an ergonomic foot-shaped design with a wide front part which provides ample wiggle room to your toes for all-day comfort.

Thanks to the high proportion of premium combed cotton (90%) the socks are amazingly soft. They are 100% safe for your health and the environment as materials used to produce them are thoroughly tested for harmful substances.

Toe and heel are reinforced to ensure durability. The seams are soft and extra flat, making them barely visible.

The socks are designed and manufactured in Slovakia right in the heart of Europe, by sourcing and producing locally we are making every effort to have a low carbon footprint.

The product packaging includes one pair of barefoot socks.

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